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2017 Season 6-4

Mens Team 2017

(A) Stratford (V) Kent 27-May 1:30pm FINAL (Havoc Loss) 33-26

(H) Kent (V) London 3-Jun 1:30pm RESCHEDULED Aug 26th

(A) Norfolk (V) Kent 10-Jun 1:30pm FINAL (Havoc Loss)

(A) Windsor (V) Kent 17-Jun 1:30pm FINAL (Havoc Loss) 5-35

(H) Kent (V) Bruce 8-Jul 1:30pm FINAL (Havoc Win) 33-12

(H) Kent (V) Stratford 15-Jul 1:30pm FINAL (Havoc Win) 43-22

(H) Kent (V) London 22-Jul 1:30pm FINAL (Havoc Win) 53-12

(H) Kent (V) Norfolk 29-Jul 1:30pm FINAL (Havoc Loss) 31-40

(H) Kent (V) Windsor 12-Aug 1:30pm FINAL (Havoc Win) 22-17

(A) Bruce (V) Kent 19-Aug 1:30pm FINAL (Havoc Win) 60-43

(A) London (V) Kent 26-Aug 1:30pm FINAL (Havoc Win) 34-15

MVP:  Craig Arnel

Player’s Player: David Buis

Most Improved:  Nathaniel Eade

Captain’s Choice:  Marc-Andre Brooks

Rookie of the year:  Tristan Robinet & Zachary Kaniecki

2016 Season

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